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Success Stories - Young People

Training for Young People at The DIY School

Tiling Courses and Plastering Courses were high on the agenda when in 2008, Young people working with Stockport MBC's Youth Offending Team, Connexions and other Youth Employment Support Groups were successful in securing funding from the Youth Opportunity Fund in Stockport, to buy a total of 20 construction courses from The DIY School to provide training in Plastering, Bricklaying, Tiling and Painting and Decorating.

Update - April 2009 : 2008 was such a success for the Young People and The DIY School Construction Courses that another bid has been succesful for 2009 allowing 20 more young people to gain practical experience of Plastering, Tiling, Decorating and Bricklaying.

The primary focus of these training courses are to provide practical skills and training which will enable young people to be better prepared for the job market. The attendees also have the opportunity to be part of an adult and organised work type environment. The certificate the young people receive for participating in these courses are also useful for taking to future interviews for work/college, and young people can talk confidently about the skills they have learnt. In 2009 we are now delighted to learn that the investment has enabled at least one young man to secure an apprenticeship with Corillion.

DIY Courses for young people

The project was possible due to the determination of the young people who wanted experience and training in the construction field and were successful in their bid for funding. Additionally, the excellent partnership working between Connexions, Youth Offending Team and The DIY School has ensured that young people get access to this type of training. It is really refreshing to see local businesses such as The DIY School putting something back into the local community - and the offer of 5 free courses for the 1 day Basic Tool Use Course was gratefully received.

The feedback that we have had from young people participating on these courses has been very positive, with several young people expressing an interest in taking the Advanced Plastering Course and the Bricklaying Course in addition to what they have already learnt. Young people highly recommend the tutors at The DIY School and respond really well to the professional environment and expectations placed upon them.

The DIY School and Connexions are keen to ensure that these young students use and develop their new skills as soon after the course as possible. Working with other local businesses, placements for work experience are being sought along with interview practice and CV writing advice.

If you are an employer looking for enthusiastic young individuals to recruit as trainees or apprentices please contact The DIY School 0161 477 4270 or Connexions Stockport on 0161 475 7700. As a result of attending these courses the individuals will have a sound and useful understanding of the trade that they have learned. The will be immediately of value to your business and less of an overhead or risk than individuals with no experience. To have attended these courses the students will already have been interviewed to ensure that their interest is genuine and that the investment being made in them is well placed.