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Tiling Courses
Tiling Course - Essentials
Tiling Course - Essentials
Tiling Course - Essentials
Tiling Course - Essentials
Tiling Course - Essentials
Tiling Course - Essentials

Tiling Course - Essentials

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The 4-Day Essential Skills Tiling Course

Tiling Courses at The DIY School in Manchester enable men and women who have little or no previous tiling experience to complete ceramic wall and floor tiling projects that they will find in bathroom, kitchen and conservatory projects in their own or customers' homes.
Tiling Courses
From Tiling Training to Real Tiling Jobs
These tiling courses can enable people new to tiling to save thousands of pounds on substantial DIY Tiling Projects, set up full time or part time tiling businesses & add tiling to an existing trade such as plastering or decorating for extra income.
Eash Tiling Course Student will be able to apply for a Trade Discount Card from CTD to start keeping your costs down straight away and be able to use our “How To” section of tiling notes and tiling videos as an instant reminder.

Who will these tiling courses suit?

  • Individuals looking to train as a tiler starting their own tiling business
  • Those looking to save money on property development and DIY projects.
  • People wanting to add skills to existing trades such plastering and plumbing to increase earnings.
  • This course is ideal or those people who do not require a City & Guilds or NVQ in Tiling.
  • Aimed at men and women with little or no previous tiling experience.

What will you learn on these Tiling Courses?

  • How to assess a wall and identify repair work prior to tiling.
  • How to estimate for materials.
  • How to set out the projects to guarantee the correct results.
  • How to work with out of level or out of square windows and corners using levels.
  • How to make cuts for any obstacle such as baths, pipes, sinks, toilets etc including
    • Straight cut
    • Angled cuts.
    • Inset cuts.
    • Pipe holes.
    • Even curved cuts.
    • Uneven curved cuts.
    • Cut outs.
    • How to use profile gauges.
  • How to use all the important and essentials tiling cutting tools including
    • Hand scribes
    • Nibblers
    • Wet electric cutters
    • Manual bar cutters
    • Ceramic drill bits
    • Tile files
  • How to tile internal and external corners to keep lines straight and patterns flowing.
  • How to use notched tiling adhesive trowels to achieve even beds of adhesive.
  • How to use tiling grout floats to get a profssional tiling finish.
  • How to select the correct wall or floor adhesive & grouts for the application.
  • How to mix dry adhesives and grouts.
  • How to use angle beads for great coreners.
  • How to set up and manage your work area to make life easy.

Also covered during these Tiling Courses whilst you work.

  • Health and Safety.
  • Materials Handling.
  • Estimating and Quoting.
  • Advertising.

Why we chose the skills to include in these Tiling Courses.

  • The skills are in demand in the private tiling sector.
  • Are sufficient to tackle the majority of tasks found in the private sector.
  • Are sufficient upon which to build a career, business or income.
  • It is reasonable to expect trainees to learn to a professional standard in 4 days. 

Course Dates & Bookings

The next Tiling course dates are shown at the top of the page. Just click the date to book. You can also see more options on the “How to Book” page, where you’ll find other ways of booking and paying for your course.

To book family/parent & teen places and to enquire about extra dates, please contact us for availability.

Tiling Courses Student Feedback

Andy Warner- Essential Tiling Courses
Totally relevant to my need - property renovation. Course content and delivery were spot on.
Colin Ardron- Essential Tiling Courses
Head & shoulders above the rest. Keep maintaining your very good product

Tony Spurr - Essential Tiling Courses
Fantastic course, very thorough, very enjoyable.
Ben Rainbow - Essential Tiling Courses
Another Excellent Course, would recommend
Paul Farley - Essential Tiling Courses
Excellent Content. Value for money
Mum and daughter tiling

Rob Mycroft - Essential Tiling Courses
Excellent Course, Friendly Staff
Andy Hughes - Essential Tiling Courses
Surprised I could learn and do all that in two weekends
Nick Rushton - Essential Tiling Courses
Brilliant all round 10/10. Nice One!
A Smithies - Essential Tiling Course
Enjoyed every minute. Feeling inspired to
get out there and start DIYing!

Kate Threadgold - Essential Tiling Courses
Very informative, taught the basics required to create a professional job. -