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Kids DIY Birthday & Holiday Courses

Kids' DIY Parties & Holiday Courses are a great way to have fun, instil useful life skills, and even help make career decisions.

Our Children's DIY courses are there to help you through the Summer Holidays, when kids utter the words - "I'm bored"!

You can also have a great great Birthday Party, where you have the facilities to yourself with a DIY School tutor to do some fantastic things like making a mosaic door plaque for each of the children to take away with them.

kids plastering

Courses are run by CRB checked tutors, who will work with your children during the week to make a variety of projects, from bedside tables, room door plaques, bird boxes, wooden racing cars, wine and book racks (for those presents for Mum & Dad) or just simply have a go at mosaic tiling, bricklaying or decorating.  


Despite recent changes, today's education still focuses on academic subjects and performance, rather than vocational or practical subjects. In some cases this is depriving the more practically-gifted school children from experiencing success or from having hands-on experience with a range of skills that they may wish to consider using in their careers.


We limit  Children's Course places to a maximum of 10 per course. This enriches the experience for the children whilst they work in a secure training centre,famous for our high standards in teaching DIY. 

Family Course at The DIY School

If you have a group of 10-12 children, then we will accept a block booking, such as a Birthday Party. These will be exclusive; places will not be sold to the general public. A 10% discount will be given to these bookings.

Holiday activities start at 9am and finish at 5pm. We will provide light snacks and cordial drinks, but a packed lunch or money to  purchase food from the onsite cafe must be provided. Children under the age of 11 will not be allowed to purchase food  from the cafe unless  accompanied by an adult. DIY staff willl not be able to leave children unattended during break times, so will not be able to accompany children to the cafe.

For all enquiries or to book a place, simply contact us.