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Success Stories - Corus Retraining

Bespoke Tiling Course enables Corus to retrain 20 production emplyees to secure new work and avoid redundancies in North Wales.


Tiling Courses tailored to a customer's needs by The DIY School, helped to secure British jobs and production.

Corus Tiling Training at The DIY School

When Corus Living Solutions in Shotton saw an opportunity to both bring production back in to the UK and secure British jobs they turned to The DIY School in Stockport to deliver the required Tiling Courses skills training for the 20 strong production team.

Corus Living Solutions, part of the world wide Corus Group and previously British Steel, manufacture pre built accommodation pods for modular construction projects. In particular a contract to supply the MOD required production of pre built bathroom pods that included all the plumbing and tiling to be completed before delivery.

Corus Training Tiling Course

Tiling Courses in Stockport. This was followed up by on site support for two weeks at Shotton to help bed the new skills in on the production line. The course was tailored to meet the skills required for the project.

Corus Production Manager Mike Gandy identified The DIY School as a strong fit to deliver the training and after a brief period of planning the training was delivered in February 2009.

On being asked a few question on how he felt that the training had gone, Mike said "All has indeed gone well and my objectives have been achieved as regards the training that your organisation has provided. Please see my comments below: "


Why you chose The DIY School - "The DIY School is reasonably local and upon visiting it seemed like a professional organisation with good facilities to train the numbers I required."

Quality of the facility, course and trainers.- "The facility is set up well, and has obviously evolved into what it is today. The business managers were willing to tailor the course to my requirements, and the trainers clearly well qualified and experienced."

Value of the on site support.- "The onsite support has been invaluable in raising the skill levels of our team members still further, whilst providing supervision to tile our prototype en-suite bathroom PODS. The trainer Simon Bessel provided an outstanding service for us over 2 weeks imparting knowledge and skills as well as the benefit of his experience. I asked much of him in the supervision of 20 new tilers and also help in our process introduction. He delivered like a professional."

Final outcome- "We now have a team of tilers who are well on their way towards being competent to tile to stringent quality standards in a strict time frame in a production line environment. The DIY School will definitely be my first choice for any further similar training requirements which arise here at Corus Living Solutions."

Feelings of the guys on the Tiling Course - "The feedback of all 20 members of the team was excellent. They could not praise the course highly enough."