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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Where do I find out dates & locations for courses ?

A. Please follow the link to the course dates page. 


Q. What time do I need to be at the training centre?

A. The School doors open at 9.15am, unless otherwise stated when you book. Courses start at 9.30 promptly, so please be at the school in good time to be ready for a 9.30am start. Out of respect for all of our students, we will not delay the start of the course. Late arrivals may find that they miss vital tuition key to their ability to continue the course. If you find that you are going to be late please call us on 0161 956 3000. Finish time will be up to about 4.30pm, usually 4pm and is individually flexible dependent upon your progress and your other commitments. We have a flexible lunch from between 30 mins and 40 mins depending upon how you are progressing with the course. We will have two tea breaks of approximately 10 minutes each.

Q. What PPE do I need ?

  • It is MANDATORY for all students to bring with them, a face covering/mask, which we encourage students to wear, whilst participating in exercises which produce dust. Masks should always be worn when mixing plaster and tile adhesives. 


We will provide loan safety glasses & disposable face masks if a students become lost or broken whilst attending their course.

We do not recommend that contact lenses are worn as the area is dusty.


Q. How do I confirm my course booking?

A. After you completed your booking, you will receive an email, which is a receipt for your payment and an order summary. There is a "view your order" button, within the email, which when clicked on, will take you to the booking summary, which will give you all the details of your booking. The dates shown on the course summary, are the dates you attend, 
irrespective of a Bank Holiday.


Q. I've lost my Booking Confirmation Email ?

If you have lost your confirmation email, or have forgotten your booking password, please contact us so we can resend it.

Q. I've tried calling you but keep getting the automated answering service ?

We do not operate a call centre and don't sit at a desk waiting for telephone calls, as all our tutors are out in the training centres with the students, that way you get the benefit of maximum one to one training, at a competitive price.

Please contact us with your enquiry or if urgent, use the text back service on 07539 466608.

Q. I've purchased a Toolkit, when do I receive it ?

If you have purchased a toolkit, then it will be delivered to your address, usually within 3-5 days, so long as it is in stock.You do not need the toolkit for use on the course.

Q. I've purchased a Groupon Voucher, how do I book ?

If you are booking with a Groupon or any other voucher, then please click here Voucher Redemption


Q. How do I find you?

A. Please follow the "How to find us" link on the "Contact Us" page, where you will find directions for Road, Rail and Bus. Click here for Directions .


Q. Is there anywhere you recommend to stay?

A. There is a great choice of local accommodation, to suit all budgets. Please see the "Where to Stay" page


Q. Is there parking at the training centre ?

Stockport training centre has plenty of free parking.


Q. What clothes do I need to bring?

A. Your clothes are likely to become heavily if not permanently soiled, so old clothes or workwear should be worn. Warm clothing should be worn during the Winter, as you can always remove items of clothing if you’re hot, but you can’t add them if you haven’t got them with you! We have very limited changing facilities at the school. Please do not bring unnecessary valuables as The DIY School cannot be held responsible for their loss. The DIY School is like a construction site in that nails etc may be on the floor and heavy things may be dropped. Safety footwear, or at very minimum, sturdy shoes should be worn that will offer you protection. We do not recommend the wearing of training shoes. 

IMPORTANT:- All Plastering students must bring a 2nd pair of shoes into which they can change in order to prevent plaster being spread around the complex at the end of the day. This will also help to keep your car clean!


Q. What tools do I need to bring?

A. We provide all the necessary tools and materials required for your course. You can purchase a DIY School toolkit for each of the individual courses, either when you book a course or after your course with your DIY School discount. Information will be sent to you after your course finishes.


Q. What is materials recycling & why do you charge for it?

A. Waste materials from your courses have to be segrated and disposed of in accordance with health & safety regulations. Any Gypsum based products are required to be seperated and removed by licencesd waste handlers who collect and recycle these products. We try to keep our course fees as low as possible, so we state the recycling charge separately, so if we can reduce this charge, we pass the savings onto our students. Currently the recycling charges range from £10 - £30 .


Q. Why do you add an additional charge to process the bookings?

A. We add a flat fee of £5 to every booking payment whether it be cash, cheque or online to cover bank transaction charges, as we incur varying costs to process cheques, pay in cash or process online payments.

Q. Can I get refreshments at the training centre?

A. There is FREE hot water to make yourself a drink, as well as cold filtered water, but we do not provide tea, coffee or drinking cups, due to Coronavirus containment measures. You are welcome to bring along your own mugs, cups and utensils to make your own drinks. 

We have a small seating area for you to take any breaks and have your lunch. You can purchase lunch from one of the local supermarkets, cafe's and sandwich shops nearby during your course, or bring your own. We do not offer any food heating facilities.


Q. I need to cancel my course, what should I do?

A. Please contact us us as soon as possible if you need to cancel you course. Please see our Terms and Conditions for details on refunds and re-booking.


Q. I need a Receipt?

A. We endeavour to keep the cost of our courses down by having an automated booking system, which generates either a Swipe, Amazon, Shopify or PayPal transaction receipt for your records. If you are claiming the course fees as training expenditure for your business, then the full company details are as follows:

Name & Registered Office:
The DIY School Training Ltd
19 Trinity Square
LL30 2RD
Company No. 11350718, 
D-U-N-S® Number: 223883533

VAT Number: 298 8331 46


Q. I need an invoice as my employer or an organisation is paying for my course, what can I do ?

A. We can supply Pro Forma invoices, but due to the manual process of administrating the payment and booking, we have to charge a £25 fee. We will require a purchase order with the course(s) types and the student name on it. We will supply a booking code link once payment is made, so if you need to get on a course quickly, we would suggest you book and pay for the course online yourself and once the employer or organisation has paid the invoice, we will refund your payment in full.

Please contact us for assistance. 



General information about our Courses

Our courses assume that everybody is a beginner yet even those people who have some experience are amazed at the amount they learn with our training techniques helping them to improve existing skills whilst learning new ones and removing bad habits!

We only teach you skills that are in demand in the private and domestic construction or home improvement market and that we consider it reasonable that you can learn to a high standard in just 4 days. Our courses have enabled many people to set up new and successful business as a result of our approach.

Our courses are paced to optimise your ability to learn. Moving at a steady pace, our courses are set just right to ensure that you are able to take on the new information, practice and apply it without being overwhelmed or daunted, rushed or put off. It is our aim that you will eave each day on a positive note of achievement returning each day refreshed, positive and optimistic.

Read our customer success stories to see the exceptional results that our customers achieve within days of finishing our courses.