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Under Pressure during Lockdown3

Feeling the Pressure (literally) during Lockdown #3 What DIY projects are you doing during Lockdown #3 ? DIY Si is finishing the attic conversion, that the unscrupulous builders never completed properly. Adding 100 square metres of insulation into the eaves, which should of been done when the work was completed and adding a very fancy radiator, giving it the "industrial" look along with the OSB lining, so now there's lots of storage space which was once all sealed up. #Top Tip - Always pressure test your pipework, as it makes less mess when air escapes from a leaky joint!! Let us know what jobs you're doing and the best ones will get a £25 discount voucher, for any of our...

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Groupon Beginners 1 Day Course

  Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 restrictions of running courses and being respectful of staying safe by enforcing social distancing between students, we can no longer run our 1 Day Beginners DIY Course - Hand and Power Tools for the foreseeable future    If you still have a voucher from just before lockdown began, or have recently purchased, then please contact Groupon for a refund. To help you with your DIY, we’ve developed a 2 Day Beginners DIY Course If you have proof of your original purchase of the 1 Day voucher, you can get an upgrade to the 2 Day Beginners DIY Course, for £99, which only has a maximum of 4 Students per course, so we can maintain a...

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