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Success Stories - Plastering - Peter

Plastering Course student Peter Williams tells us how his 4 day plastering course at The DIY School in Manchester saved him a fortune.

Plastering course

"I would like to start by thanking you for the training that I received last year, the reason for doing the Essential Plastering Course was to renovate my property."

"The course was very enjoyable and a lot of fun, and on finishing the course I set to work using my freshly honed skills. I started with the kitchen, the ceilings had to be plaster boarded and so did some of the walls, so using a ton of screws and my new skills at dot and dabbing I set to work. The whole kitchen was skimmed on to fresh plaster board and onto a horrible artex wall As you can see from the pictures all went very well and this time the house value didn't depreciate because of the thickness of my plaster.. LOL"

Plastering course

"There were other jobs, all little ones, then finally came the conservatory. Well, my builder built the walls I then built it all up, then came the time to dot and dab, screw and cut all the plaster board. As you can see from the pictures the skimming went well and I even managed to paint it rather than hide it with wall paper....The fact is that I was quoted over a thousand pounds to do the kitchen alone, Materials alone including the course, product and tools didn't touch five hundred pounds for all the jobs done around the house, so a massive saving..."

"Many Thanks for everything just need to sell the house in this current market and migrate.. Ha Ha"

Plastering course

Peter Williams