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4 day Tiling Course enables Paul to create a harmonious existence in Cumbria.

Tiling course

Tiling Course student Paul Williams from Cumbria tells how his Tiling Course went at The DIY School in Stockport near Mancheter.

By night Paul Pearson is a professional musician and singer living in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside. By day he earns a comfortable living as an increasingly busy local tiler. Since completing his tiling course at The DIY School he has added kitchen fitting to his set of skills. He certainly has carved out a fabulous and enjoyable new career for himself. Here is what he said to us recently.

"Hi DIY School"

Tiling course

"Paul Pearson here, did a tiling course with you last winter. Taking on tiling jobs was a worry as I didn't know how to start a job, how to measure out, getting level, where to put the cuts etc. Not long after finishing the course I got two jobs, both to fully tile 2 bathrooms. I have attached some photos, I was told by a foreman of a large building company working at the same site, the tiling was absolutely spot on. I now also fit kitchens and the tiling is an obvious add on to that skill. I enjoyed my week at DIY School and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of learning more or changing direction with their job."

Tiling course

"My background before tiling / kitchen fitting was ( and still is ) as a Musician ( Vocalist and Guitar ) and a Picture Framer. The framing was getting quieter due to location and to wrapped canvas still being in fashion instead of frames, I had done some tiling but I wanted to know some of the ways a professional would go about starting a tiling job, before I took money for tiling as a profession. I did zip through some of the course, whereas the chap in the next booth really had to think about parts of it, due to the fact he hadn't tiled at all before the course. So I had the time to help him too ! Which in turn brings on some camaraderie between the students, even on a short course.

Tiling course

But the DIY School tuition was great, always there to help and advise, and we were never stopped from doing what was possibly a tiling pattern that was too hard, we were encouraged to try different patterns and finishes. Anyone going for the tiling course, I would say definitely do the plastering course too, if you can. I have turned down loads of plastering jobs, but it's not for me, I have a dodgy lower back ! Tiles are fine thanks !!"

Paul Pearson