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Success Stories - The DIY Penguin

A Northwest Mum and her Pink Drill get to grips with her first project after attending the 4 Day Home Maintenance Course


The DIY PenguinHome Maintenance Course Student Tahseen, started her first project only days after attending her course at The DIY School.Pink Drill and Tools


Mum of three, Tahseen needed to learn how to fix things around the house. She already owned a lovely Pink Drill and toolkit (you know where they are and who's got them, if they're pink!) so brought it in to learn how to use the drill correctly.

Once she'd learnt all about choosing the right fixings, using the correct drill bit and most importantly selecting the right screwdriver, she embarked on fitting some shelving in the loft for extra storage space.

Now all she's got to do is convince the family to give her help putting their stuff in the loft!
Loft Storage