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Courses after Redundency

Retraining After Redundancy

Dealing with redundancy

Redundancy isn't usually welcome, but it is something that happens to many of us during our working lives. However, it is not necessarily a negative situation to be in; many people have used it as an opportunity for positive change in their lives and careers. What is important is how you react to a situation which is not of your making.

Redundancies can be caused by any number of situations: falling profits, lack of trade or orders, increased competition, advances in technology, changes in legislation, even poor management are just a few of the many causes.

Remember, though, employers and companies don’t like making anyone redundant. It could mean that they, too, will become redundant.

Employees, however, have varying degrees of protection to help them overcome being made redundant. If you had resigned or given notice, that protection would not necessarily have been there.

The Jobcentre Plus advisors can put you in touch with various organisations who may be able to help you in getting training to get another job or start your own business. Blue Orchid is one such organisation who may be able to help you. You can also go to the National Careers Service advice website for more details or call them on the following number  0800 100900

We will do our best to squeeze as much training as possible into your budget to help you to generate a new career or income as soon after your date of redundancy as possible.

Many people have found that the initial training at the DIY School has helped them start their own business or got them back into employment. Ask your Jobcentre advisor if you are eligable for funding for courses at The DIY School, but remember, funding is subject to your circumstances.


We can deliver training as part of the Low Value Provision (LVP) for Welfare to Work related programmes. Give your careers advisor our Procserve DUNS number 223883533. Your careers advisor can contact us via email

You will need to demonstrate that attending our courses will get you back in to work and off benefits.

We suggest that you provide the organisation who is assisting you with proof, by way of a letter from a potential employer that after attending our courses you will be offered a job.

Or if you wish to set up your own business by way of the training, they will expect to see a comprehensive business plan that will include costings for Training, Advertising, Vehicle, Tools, Phone etc


Multi course group discounts.

If you are aware of a number of people who may be facing redundancy, why not get in touch with us to negotiate even better pricing through your employer. Call 0161 956 3000 for more details.

Handyman Training Package.

Our Handyman Training Package that includes Training, Website, Google Advertising and Leaflets gives everybody a real boost in getting a business up a running quickly helping them to avoid extended periods without income and for many, making redundancy the best thing thet ever happened to them!