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Success Stories - Adding A Trade

Plastering Course enables globe trotting Electrician add new skills to spark a new start in Australia (or maybe just South Manchester)!

New Trade DIY Plastering Course

After 9 years in Sales and Marketing, Wayne Loco and his partner both decided to take some time out to reevaluate life. Using their joint voluntary redundancy money they set off on a grand tour of the world hoping to come back with some inspiration.

Inspiration came in Australia where they felt a strong urge to settle and so Wayne looked into what it would take to enable them to emigrate. His research pointed him in the direction of becoming an electrician for which there was a skills shortage Down Under.

Three years ago and after 6 months training Wayne earned his electricians qualification. He went on to set up his own Electrical Installation Company providing Part P certified improvement and repair work.

Being able to tile already, Wayne recognised that it was simply a lack of plastering skills that was preventing him from winning bigger bathroom and kitchen work. So in late 2008, Wayne attended one of the The DIY Schools Essential Plastering Course .

Wayne says that as a result of the course he is achieving the objective of securing the bigger and more profitable jobs making the course paying for itself in just the first two jobs. He is also now winning jobs that involve just plastering.

The move to Australia is now dependent upon Wayne getting his Electricians NVQ Level 3 and he will be off.

In the mean time, if you need a reliable electrician in the North West feel free to contact Wayne at We know he is good, we use him ourselves!