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Plastering Course - Essentials
Plastering Course - Essentials
Plastering Course - Essentials
Plastering Course - Essentials
Plastering Course - Essentials
Plastering Course - Essentials
Plastering Course - Essentials
Plastering Course - Essentials
Getting the Plaster on the Hawk
Plastering Course - Essentials
Plastering Students

Plastering Course - Essentials

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The 4-Day Essential Skills Plastering Course

Plastering Courses at The DIY School in Manchester enable people with little or no previous plastering experience to complete wall and ceiling projects that they might find around their own or their customers' homes.

Manchester Plastering Courses

 Plastering Course Students Working Hard

These Plastering Courses can enable people new to plastering to save thousands of pounds on substantial DIY Plastering Projects, set up full-time or part-time plastering businesses or add plastering to an existing trade such as tiler, decorator or electrician for extra income.

Each student will receive a Trade Discount Card from Travis Perkins to start keeping your costs down straight away and be able to use our "how to" section of plastering notes and videos as an instant reminder after the plastering course.

Who will these Plastering Courses suit?

  • People wanting to become a plasterer starting their own plastering business.
  • Home owners looking to save money on substantial DIY projects.
  • Existing tradespeople looking to add new skills to increase their earning potential.
  • People who do not require Plastering City & Guilds or Plastering NVQ qualifications.
  • Complete beginners.

What practical skills will you learn on these Plastering Courses?

  • How to skim walls and ceiling to a professionally smooth and flat finish.
  • How to re-skim walls and ceilings ready for repainting or decorating a room.
  • How to skim large and small walls so that you can tackle projects of any size.
  • How to plaster to and into windows to get a professionally tight angle.
  • How to feather-in for patch repairing skimmed walls, for quick and invisible repairs to smaller areas.
  • How to repair walls from brickwork with bonding when the plaster has all blown.
  • How to dry line with plasterboard and adhesive to brickwork for quick renovations, tiling projects & modern building practices.
  • How to fix plasterboard to stud work to divide rooms up etc.

Plastering a wall

Plastering Training Courses for Self Employment

  • How to cut and apply skim beads correctly into corners and edges.
  • How to plaster internal and external corners for a clean and straight finish.
  • How to plaster wet internal corners to speed up your full room plastering job.
  • How to create and plaster arches and round windows is demonstrated.
  • How to correctly mix a variety of plaster types using an electric mixer.
  • How to use a range of common plastering trowels.
  • How to use feather edges and straight edges for solid wall plastering.
  • How to work with various plasterboard types such as fireline & moisture board etc
  • How to set up your site, manage waste and water, and keep your job clean.

    Plastering Courses for Men & Women

    Getting a Plastering Apprenticeship

    During the Plastering Course you will also be able to ask about:

    • Health and safety for the wellbeing of you and your customers.
    • Materials handling to maintain their quality and manage costs.
    • Estimating and quoting to win profitable business and save money.
    • Advertising for winning new customers and business start-ups.

    This Plastering Course — why we chose these topics:

    • The skills are in demand in the private plastering sector.
    • They are sufficient to tackle the majority of tasks found in the private sector.
    • They are sufficient to build a career, business or supplementary income upon.
    • They can be learned to a professional standard in 4 days.

      Course Dates & Bookings

      The next Plastering Essentail course dates are shown at the top of the page. Just click the date to book. You can also see more options on the “How to Book”page, where you’ll find other ways of booking and paying for your course.

      To book family/parent & teen places and to enquire about extra dates, please contact us for availability.