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Success Stories - Decorating - Tracy

Decorating Course helps stressed Import Manager and Dentist to happily start working for themselves. Real career change success.


Start a new career in painting and decorating

For many years Tracy had been doing bits and bobs of decorating for herself and close family and friends so she decided that this could be the basis for a new career.

Some reservations made this a tougher decision than she thought. One was the financial implications of leaving a secure and well paid job, the other was having confidence in her ability to do a good enough job to charge customers. What drove her on was the distinct lack of job satisfaction and a feeling that life was passing her by through an office window.

The financial reservation she overcame herself, the confidence reservation Tracy solved with an Essential Painting & Decorating Course at The DIY School in Stockport in March 2008.

Start a new career in painting and decorating

Tracy tells us that the Essential Painting & Decorating Course certainly gave her the confidence in her own ability, confirming that much of what she had been doing was correct and to a good standard as well as teaching her valuable new skills and tips.

Once the course was finished Tracy found that an immediate trickle of jobs turned into a steady and reliable flow. Lots of recommendations from customers, friends and family started the ball rolling. A hair dresser, delighted with the work done in her own salon has proved an ideal shop window for the decorating duo to win ongoing business. Their van and logo’d work wear has also prompted people to stop Tracy and Catherine both in the street and the local tip asking for quotes leading to subsequent work. 

Now almost 12 months on in January 2009, Tracy and Catherine are back at The DIY School for two more courses. Essential Plastering Course and Essential Tiling Course. Theses additional skills are going to make them an even more attractive proposition delivering a wider range of finished trades but also enabling them to win more of the larger pieces of business enabling them to go on and build the business and continue developing their now very successful new careers.


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