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The Benefits of Simple Home Maintenance

Long-Term Payoff: The Benefits of Simple Home Maintenance Whoever came up with the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” might have been thinking about simple home maintenance tasks. A few dollars spent on simple DIY maintenance tasks can wind up saving you a bundle down the road. Keeping up with basic home maintenance helps you avoid having to hire contractors who charge top dollar for major repairs. While some projects may seem intimidating, most of these simple repairs are a breeze to accomplish on your own.

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New Course Dates just gone live !

Summer/Autumn Course Dates now Available ! Want to be as happy 😃 as this chap was on his recent Tiling Course?   Then the wait is over, as we’ve just published the late Summer/Autumn dates for all our courses.  Courses have been filling up fast all year, so don’t hang around or you’ll be disappointed. Bookings are done online, here’s the link for information How to Book .

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