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How to Plaster Skim a Ceiling

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Skimming a ceiling presents a lot fewer challenges that you would think.

It uses the same rules and techniques as skimming or over skimming a wall.

The extra things to consider are:-

  • Do not over reach. Find adequate portable platforms to plaster the ceiling comfortably.
  • When plaster skimming a ceiling your arms will ache and you will be tired because your heart is pumping up hill.
  • Plaster a ceiling over your shoulder and not your face. Wear goggles if you are in any doubt.
  • Always stand under the part of the ceiling that you have just plastered in order that you can plaster in to plaster.
  • It is helpful to have someone to help if you need to move the platforms to plaster a ceiling.
  • Consider using the method of dividing a large area using scrim tape to manage plastering large ceilings.
  • Consider raising the height of the spot board to prevent constant bending.