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Hand Board

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How to use a plasterers hand board or hawk

Aluminium Plasterers HawkThe hand boards used on The DIY School plastering courses cost around £20 and have been in use for over 12 months on a daily basis without the need to replace them.


Look for a hand board that will feel comfortable.

Plasterers Hawks are typically made of either aluminium or plastic and both materials have their fans in the profession.

ABS Plasterers Hawk 330 x 330mm

Always keep you hand board clean.

Even in between applying coats of plaster you will need to put it down for a few minutes.

Before using the hand board wet it and then prime it. Wetting will stop the plaster from drying out on the hand board. Priming, which involves spreading a small amount of plaster over the surface of the board will stop your plaster from sliding off when you go for your first load of plaster.