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When will courses be running ?

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January and February are the busiest times of the year for bookings and enquiries, to add to this, we have lots of people to contact and we can not do this quickly if we are deluged with extra enquiries, so PLEASE CAN YOU READ THE INFORMATION WE ARE REGULARLY SENDING, REGARDING YOUR COURSE, before you contact us.
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you.
Q1. When I click on the re booking link and choose a new course date, it is asking me to pay again?
Follow the checkout process all the way through and you will see a discount applied, so your booking will be processed without paying.
Q2. Why are there limited or no course dates available for me to choose ?
We are presently working on the complete 2021 schedule of dates, so there will be plenty of dates to choose from in the coming weeks. This is taking some working out, as we only ever publish 3 months courses at a time, but we will announce the new dates as we release them.
Q3. When will you be running your courses?
Until the UK Government announces when the Lockdown restrictions will be eased, like you, we have no idea. We are presently planning for a March 1st re-openening. This could change though, as recent annoucements (Tuesday 2nd February) regarding schools and colleges re opening from March 8th have just been annouced for the UK.
Q4. I have sent numerous emails and tried to telephone, why have you not responded?
We are CLOSED due to the enforced lockdown measures, which means we have a reduced capability to respond to enquiries whilst we deal with re-scheduling courses and the large volume of general enquiries.
Q4. I have been made redundent during the recent lockdown & may find it difficult to attend a re scheduled course in the coming year, what can I do ?
There is no expiry date on the re-booking options for your postponed course, so we'd really appreciate it if you could help us as well through these tough times and book again when you are able.
Please read the latest announcements and information about rebooking courses as like lots of other students, you will probably have the same questions..
Course places are filling fast, so please follow the instructions below and book your course as soon as you can.
Before you attend your rescheduled course, you MUST CHECK the website, so please use this link for the latest information and keep a check on your email for information from us concerning your course.
We will keep updating you over the next few weeks, but until then, please follow the Government guidelines and let's do all we can to control & eventually eradicate the virus and get back to a normal life.
Thank you.
Stay Safe.
Simon J P Bessell

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