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The Benefits of Simple Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance

Long-Term Payoff: The Benefits of Simple Home Maintenance 

Whoever came up with the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” might have been thinking about simple home maintenance tasks. A few dollars spent on simple DIY maintenance tasks can wind up saving you a bundle down the road. Keeping up with basic home maintenance helps you avoid having to hire contractors who charge top dollar for major repairs. While some projects may seem intimidating, most of these simple repairs are a breeze to accomplish on your own.

Here, The DIY School offers a few simple do-it-yourself maintenance jobs that will work in your favor over the years.

Weather Stripping

A drafty house will cost you plenty in high energy bills. Weather stripping - lengths of rubber or metal that seal gaps in doors or windows - keeps the cold air out and the comfy warm (or cool) air inside where it belongs. According to Tom’s Guide, it can really help manage energy costs.

Unfortunately, weather stripping tends to wear down after a few years and requires regular attention. You might be able to keep your doors and windows air-tight but still notice a draft, so check for gaps around air conditioning units and pipe outlets as well. If you’ve got a major draft problem, consider using caulking, which is inexpensive and effective at maintaining a good, tight seal where you need it most.

Regrouting or Tiling

Over time, your tile grout can start to look grimy and dirty, and at some point, cleaning it is no longer an option. Many people shy away from the idea of regrouting their tile or tackling a DIY tiling project. But these are great projects any homeowner can tackle. To regrout your tile, you simply need a long weekend and a few handy tools and supplies, particularly an electric grout remover to lift up old grout. A tiling project requires a little more knowledge, but you can learn everything you need to know through a tiling course at The DIY School. In fact, there are plenty of DIY courses they offer for weekend warriors looking to tackle home improvement projects. 

Hot Water Tank Care

Hot water tanks can lose heat over time and require simple maintenance once in a while to keep them working efficiently. If yours feels warm to the touch, it’s probably time for some insulation, which is simple and inexpensive. A pre-cut fiberglass insulation jacket will only run you a few dollars. If, however, temperatures start to vary all the time, and if you notice things like leaks or strange noises, it’s best to connect with a local plumbing service to determine if your tank is on the verge of failure. 


Like your hot water tank and other home appliances, your boiler requires regular attention to keep it working properly. While servicing is best here, there are a few things you can do. This includes checking the pressure and bleeding the radiators to release any trapped air. Ultimately, call a professional when you need to perform maintenance or address problems.


Keeping your curb appeal tiptop not only makes your yard look great but also adds value to your property. So regular lawn maintenance is a must. Keep up with mowing, weeding, and pruning bushes and trees. If your landscaping is worse for wear, you’ll want to give it a makeover to ensure your property holds its value. No green thumb? Consider working with landscape design services to create an easy-to-maintain design that you can handle once everything is in place. 


Repair Crown Molding

Molding adds definite aesthetic appeal to a home’s interior, but it can easily be cracked or otherwise damaged. If you notice a crack, apply a wood filler with a putty knife, smooth it with your finger, sand it when it dries, and paint over the repaired area. 



Consider basic home maintenance as an investment in the future. Simple, regular efforts will have a positive, gradual effect. you may not even notice the money saved at first, but over time, you can bet you’ll notice - especially when avoiding major appliances repairs or replacement.

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