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New Course Dates just gone live !

Summer/Autumn Course Dates now Available ! Want to be as happy 😃 as this chap was on his recent Tiling Course?   Then the wait is over, as we’ve just published the late Summer/Autumn dates for all our courses.  Courses have been filling up fast all year, so don’t hang around or you’ll be disappointed. Bookings are done online, here’s the link for information How to Book .

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Wiggy gets a Shave!

This is Stefano, or as we call him "Wiggy" Whilst Wiggy (Stefano) attended lots of courses during late 2020, his last day course celebrations were, to say it mildly, a first for us at The DIY School. Well he's at it again, but this time, the beard (real) and wig (fake) will be coming off to support Macmillan Cancer Support, in their great "Brave the Shave". Please, if you can spare a few quid, sponsor him.   PLEASE, PLEASE SPONSOR HIM, so he'll shave off that dead ferret hanging from his chin!

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When will courses be running ?

NATIONAL LOCKDOWN JANUARY 6TH, 2021 PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ANYONE WHO HAD A COURSE SCHEDULED TO RUN BEFORE THE 1ST MARCH. January and February are the busiest times of the year for bookings and enquiries, to add to this, we have lots of people to contact and we can not do this quickly if we are deluged with extra enquiries, so PLEASE CAN YOU READ THE INFORMATION WE ARE REGULARLY SENDING, REGARDING YOUR COURSE, before you contact us. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you. Q1. When I click on the re booking link and choose a new course date, it is asking me to pay again? Follow the checkout process all the way through and...

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National Lockdown January 5th, 2021

National Lockdown January 5th, 2021 IMPORTANT INFORMATION IF YOU PRESENTLY ATTENDING OR DUE TO ATTEND A COURSE Due to the latest COVID National Lockdown announcement (8pm, January 4th, 2021) by the government, we are forced to regrettably close our doors yet again. If you are presently on a course, we will not be running the course from Tuesday, 5th January, but we will be open on Tuesday for students to collect their belongings. If you are due to attend a course, please see the link for more information and check your email for information from us. We have lots of people to contact and we can not do this quickly if we are deluged with extra enquiries, so please if...

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