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Plastering Toolkit - £140 with your DIY School discount

Plastering Toolkit - £140 with your DIY School discount

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In conjunction with Draper Tools, we’ve put together these amazing toolkits, so as a DIY School Student, you can benefit from the fantastic price, so you can get plastering striaght away.

The Plastering Kit contains eveything our Plastering Essentials Course students will have used on their course. You'll be ready for plastering within no time, so long as you've got your paddle mixer as well.
Ours is the Draper Expert 1400W "soft start". 

  • Soft Handle Stainless Steel 4” Trowel
  • Aluminium Plasterers Hawk
  • Bucket Trowel
  • Plaster board Saw
  • Aviation Tin Snips
  • Pair of quick action telescopic support rods
  • Surform
  • Plaster Mixing Bucket
  • 3 of Flexible Bucket
    The combined price of all the tools is over £235