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Tiling Profile Gauge, Tile Saw & Nibblers

Tiling Profile gauge
When pressed against any surface, the profile gauge produces a facsimile of the shape of that surface. That can then be used to draw a cutting line onto a tile.

Profile gauges come in a range of sizes and enable the tiler to accurately cut around unevenly shaped surface that otherwise would have been impossible to tackle

The profile gauge is used in conjunction with the tile saw. The tile saw is unique in that is has a round abrasive blade. This means that the user can change direction of the cut being made at will.

Tiling Saw

As a result the tile saw can follow the non uniform or curved line that has been copied using the profile gauge.

As you become more accomplished this pair of tools can enable you to make unique designs and patterns with plain square tiles.

Tiling nibblers, as the name suggests, enable you to "nibble" tiles into shape by pinching small pieces of the tile, one at a time, using tile nibblers until the desired shape is achieved.Tiling nibblers