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Paint Tray

These notes support the Painting and Decorating Course run by The DIY School in the North West in Stockport near Manchester.
Paint tray

Paint trays come in a variety of sizes, materials and prices. The most common size and material is the plastic tray that accommodates the 9” DIY type of roller and the 4” plastic mini roller tray.

With a pack of roller frame, 2 x pile rollers and a tray costing as little as £2 this has to be considered as a set of disposable item. For those concerned at the environmental impact it is worth considering the cost involved in washing the tray and the process of treating the water there after. This is especially worth considering when it comes to cleaning the paint roller.

The 9” roller typically fits on many of the tool platforms that can be purchased for ladders.

Aluminium trays that accommodate professional frame rollers are much wider and more expensive. They will however accommodate more paint and contribute the effectiveness of the wider frame rollers.

If you want to re use a paint tray one can buy plastic tray liners at about 30p each alternatively you could line the tray with tin foil or cling film that can be removed at the end of the day.

Placing your tray and roller in a sealed plastic bag at the end of the day can keep the paint fresh overnight.