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Dust Sheets

Decorating dust sheets

These notes support the Painting and Decorating Course run by The DIY School in the North West in Stockport near Manchester.

A good supply of these will ensure that paint and paste only go where it is wanted. With the nest will in the world it is impossible to stop a paint roller from spattering.

Make sure that they are clean, free from dust or wet paint. There is not point in using a dust sheet if it lays down more dust than not using one or that it has wet paint on it from the previous job that marks the carpet you are trying to protect.

Dust sheets come in various sizes. They can also be made of thin plastic which is typically the disposable type.

Don’t just protect the room in which you are working. Protect any area across which you are likely to walk incl hall and stairs. You never know if you may have picked some paint up in the sole of your shoe that you then walk around the rest of the house.