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Caulking Gun

Whilst not immediately obvious it is very easy to use a caulking gun. The biggest problem that people experience is in stopping the flow of caulk when stopping. Here is how to stop this problem and get and clean stop.

At the same time as squeezing the trigger, keep your thumb on the pressure release tab. When you want to stop, let go of the trigger but keep your thumb on the pressure release tab. This will stop the caulk coming out.

Caulk is used to cover cracks in walls, corners, fill between woodwork and walls, hide the edge of lining paper in corners and against door frames and skirting. Caulk can also be used to fill gaps between drops of lining paper caused by bad hanging or shrinkage.

If you get small raised bits behind lining paper, sand them down with fine sand paper once the paper is completely dry and any hole can be filled with caulk or filler.

Caulk can be sanded, painted or stained once dry.

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