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We've got South Africans, Polish and of course a lot of Mancunians on this weeks Tiling

They travelled far and wide, but mainly Manchester!

A good mixed bunch of talents on this weeks tiling course.

We get people from all walks of life and it never ceases to amaze us the different skill sets people bring with them from their current professions.

This week, we've had a steeplejack, heavy plant trainer, web designer, printer, building inspector, travel consultant and joiner to name a few!  

This tiling is hot work

We know who you are!

Concentration on the tile cuts

Levels!What a noiseCareful up there

Mr Methodical

Steady as she goes

Level Mr D

We've cleaned up a Plasterer!

 I'm sure those trousers weren't that dirty at the start of the week

Don't Mess with Ms D

Safety First



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