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Wallrock Fibreliner - The less mess than Plastering solution

Wallrock Fibreliner Application

Short video to show just how easy it is to use Wallrock Fibreliner. These application methods can be used for the whole Fibreliner range, consisting of Fibreliner Original, Fibreliner Smooth, Fibreliner Plus and Premium. (please note plus and premium are only available in 55cm wide rolls)

If you attend our 4 Day Decorating Essentials Course, you'll learn all about the Wallrock range and get to see the different types and the application method.



Wallrock Fibreliner Application

Wallrock have just finished working on a new application video for Wallrock Fibreliner, which you can see below. This application method can be used with Wallrock Fibreliner Original, Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth, Wallrock Fibreliner Plus and Wallrock Premium.

(please note that the Fibreliner Plus and Premium are only available in 55cm widths)


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