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To keep providing the best possible training, it is vital that we hear our customers thoughts about their time spent with us.

Here's just a brief selection of the comments we publish, but we'd love to hear about your time at The DIY School, so do please have your say and give us your feedback.

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  • Mateusz Mielnik

    Jul 19, 2023
    Great course but still waiting for my certificate 😉😁

  • Earl Rooms

    Jan 14, 2024
    The course was great, I learned a lot.


  • Derek Ho

    Jan 19, 2024
    Thank you Simon for giving a indepth lecture on the tiles specification when handling and the different materials planning needed to meet the job requirements. Thank you again for going over some of the information with me again in a gentle manner while you was very busy taking care of other students, which I greatly appreciate. And thank you Charlie for being a sweet support.

  • David Bailey

    Jan 19, 2024
    I enjoyed the course and i feel that i now understand the basics of plastering.

  • Derek Ho

    Jan 19, 2024
    The course Len provided was very practical, straight to the action, which was a different learning pace. Overall the course was great in getting used to the techniques of using the trowel and getting used to the process of plastering. I feel a bit more of an explanation in the materials we used, would have helped understand more about the process like the different powders used for specific situations and how that would effect the workflow or examples of situations a plaster could face in the real world, would be a great addition to the learning experience, but I learnt a lot where I feel I can tackle a small plastering job, Thank you Len.

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