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Course Feedback

In order that we can keep providing the best possible training it is vital that we hear customers thoughts about The DIY School. 

Whilst it is important that we capture all the constructive criticism that you have it is equally important that we capture your positive observations to ensure that we don't tamper with the good things too much.

Our trainers also appreciate constructive criticism or praise when deserved.

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  • Trudy Rush

    Hi Simon,
    I just wanted to say how I really enjoyed the course this week. I learned loads and plan to keep practicing my woodworking skills so my results become a little less rustic!
    I reworked the piece I brought home with me, this morning and produced a much neater but still snug fitting joint. So small signs of success.
    Thank you so much for a really absorbing couple of days.
    Kind regards

  • Mateusz

    Great course but still waiting for my certificate

  • Joanne Bloom

    Thanks for a great course, I will be back

  • Steven Hampshire

    Would of loved to do even more.

  • John Adams

    Great course, but needed more biscuits

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