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Decorating Courses

DURATION - 4 Days - Weekdays or 2 weekends
PRICE - £399 including a £20 materials recycling charge

Multiple Course Discounts are Available

Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Police, NHS & HM Forces Discounts

Painter & Decorator Training Courses at The DIY School in Manchester enable men and women who have little or no previous wallpapering or painting experience to complete wall and ceiling decorating projects that they will find around their own homes or their customers' homes.

Wallpapering Training - Pattern Matching At The Table Saves Time & Money

Wallpapering Training - Pattern Matching At The Table

These Decorating Courses can enable people new to plastering to save thousands of pounds on substantial DIY Decorating Projects, set up full time or part time Decorating businesses or add Decorating to an existing trade such as tiler or plasterer for extra income.


Who will these Painting & Decorating Courses Suit?

  • Men & Women looking to become a painter & decorator and starting their own Decorating Business.
  • Home Owners looking to save money on property development and DIY projects.
  • Those looking to add skills to existing trades such tiling and plastering to increase earning potential.
  • Those people not requiring a qualification such as a Decorating City & Guilds or Decorating NVQ.
  • Keen DIY Decorators looking to confirm their skills prior to setting up in business.

    painter & decorator training course

    Decorating Training Course - Hanging Wallpaper.

What will you learn on the Painting & Wallpapering Decorating Courses

  • How to prepare old walls ready for a new finish.
  • How to strip old wallpaper without damage.
  • How to paste paper consistently without contaminating the finished paper surface.
  • How to fold pasted paper for long drops such as hall stairs and landing.
  • How to hang lining paper on walls & ceilings.
  • How to hang blown vinyl on walls & ceilings.
  • How to hang patterned paper on walls.
  • How to pattern match to minimise waste.
  • How to continue wall paper patterns round internal and external corners.
  • How to hang wallpaper in to and round obstacles such as windows and doors.
  • How edge cut wallpaper neatly using scissors and blades.
  • How to "double cut" patterned papers to continue patterns.

Painter & Decorator Training Course For A New Career

Painter & Decorator Training Course Customer Story

  • How to "place" bold patterened papers to maximise the effect and design.
  • How to emulsion on to new plaster to stop it peeling off.
  • How to emulsion on to lined walls and ceiling to give even coverage in 1 coat without patches.
  • How to cut-in ( paint to edges ) for straight edges and corners.
  • How to prepare old and new woodwork ready for undercoat & Gloss
  • How to paint woodwork using oil based paints such as gloss.
  • How to cover stains including old damp to stop them coming through.
  • How to get round fixtures such as plugs, switches and radiators.
  • How to use brushes and rollers.
  • How to understand & apply the full range of wallpaper instructions.
  • How to use a range of brushes and rollers.
  • How to use pasting tables and adhesives.
Learning how to splice or double cut patterns together
Double Cutting or Splicing Blown Vinyl Patterns


During these Decorating Courses you will be able to cover the following subjects.

  • Health and Safety for you and those around you.
  • Estimating and Quoting to save money or make a profit
  • Simple Advertising to get those first customers.
  • Essential tools and equipment.

Why we chose these topics for the Decorating Courses.

  • The skills are in demand in private homes sufficient to build a business.
  • They enable you to tackle the majority of tasks found in the private homes.
  • Are sufficient upon which to build a career, business or income.
  • It is reasonable to expect trainees to learn to a professional standard in 4 days.

Course Dates & Bookings

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Decorating Course Student Feedback.

Thoroughly enjoyable learning. Want to do more. Amazed how much content in the course.
Jude Neli - Essential Painting & Decorating Course

Good fun, informative and very easily absorbed training.
Rachel Lakeland-Fox - Essential Painting & Decorating Course

First Class. Coming Back for the tiling course.
Howard Lockwood - Essential Painting & Decorating Course

Good fun.
Sue Ryder - Essential Painting & Decorating Course

All the essentials in a relaxed atmosphere.
Gill Davidson - Essential Painting & Decorating Course

Lots to do. Well organised and worked out
Paul Doherty - Essential Painting & Decorating Course

Very enjoyable and taught at a sensible pace.
Paul Farley - Essential Painting & Decorating Course & Tiling

The course was excellent and exceeded my expectations. Well Done.
John O'Reilly - Essential Painting & Decorating Course

Professional and Friendly
Tammy Pritchard - Essential Painting & Decorating Course

An amazing set of simple skills that make decorating such a simple task. This will save me a fortune!
Amanda Hargreaves - Essential Painting & Decorating Course

Another well structured and effective course from The DIY School
Vic Greenaway - Essential Painting & Decorating Course


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