Britain needs brickies

Bricklaying Courses


Take a walk around any town and you’ll soon see that house building styles are changing all the time. Even the untrained eye can spot Victorian red brick buildings, traditional semi’s built between the wars, faceless seventies styles and the modern throwbacks to arts and crafts flourishes. However, while building styles may change regularly, building techniques remain largely the same, with the humble brickie right at the heart of almost all British homes. And that doesn’t look like changing any time soon, which means that bricklaying is a skill that will always be in demand.


So if your career has ground to a halt in the recession, or worse still, you’re struggling to find any work at all, retraining with bricklaying courses at The DIY School could be the answer. Our bricklaying courses will give you all the skills you need to find regular, well paid work on construction sites across the country, as well as helping you to improve your own home. You could even turn the skills you learn on our bricklaying courses into your own business as a handyman or small scale builder.


Visit our bricklaying courses webpage and you’ll see just how many of the essential skills our bricklaying courses cover, from mixing your mortar to protecting your finished work against the elements. In just four days, we’ll teach you all you need to know about cavity wall bricklaying or garden bricklaying, or if you sign up to our combined bricklaying courses, you could learn the lot in just 6 days.


With so many industries changing and losing out to the recession, it makes sense to choose the one industry we will always need to build our homes and our offices, schools and shops. So take a look at the bricklaying courses from The DIY School today, because Britain needs brickies.